Sunday, January 17, 2021

Navneet Sarav Prashna Patrika std 10 Marathi Medium and English Medium for hindi lokvani , sanskrit anandh[composit] and sanskrit amodh [full]

 Navneet Publications  has released navneet sarav prashna sanch for three subjects namely  hindi lokvani ,  sanskrit  anandh and sanskrit  amodh for 2021 board exam of maharashtra board .Navneet Sarav prashna sanch has one solved paper  of march 2020 exam and 5 practice papers for solving .

Navneet Sarav Prashna Sanch for 2021 exam is as per reduced syllabus as per board pattern .the best part of this 2021 edition of navneet sarav prashna Sanch is that one can get solutions for all the questions thru qr code given in the book.

navneet Sarav Prashna Sanch is the must recomended book for 2021 exam for the above three subjects 

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