Tuesday, December 25, 2012

UNIQUE SOLUTIONS FYJC 11th physics part 1&2

unique(HOTS) maths n science s.s.c


physics syjc

secretarial practice syjc

book-keeping&accountcy syjc

mathematics & statistics part 1 (arts&science) syjc

biology (science) syjc

maths 2(science) syjc

mathematics & statistics(commerce) syjc

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ordinary people think
  merely about spending TIME
great people think of using it

new year diary

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new year diary

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Monday, December 24, 2012

cambridge express english icse board

this is a literature book for class 6
written by anna kurian
for icse board
literature readers open a window to the world of reading
it introduces the readers or learner a new style of presentation
it is mainly ment for introducing literature among students and develop a liking towards the subject

new guided mathematics for class 4

this book is for class 4-icse board
new guided mathematics is a well structured and child-friendly series that aims to draw childern into the vibrant world of mathematics
it will help your child to learn the basic of mathematics it also has a certain intreting pctures which helps the child to develop intrest in learning maths which seems to be boring to some students
as maths is a boring subject to some of the children it will help them to enjoy the subject

Time Travel history-civics for std 4

time travel-history and civics book written by moneesha sharma and amita prasad
and the publications are oxford school publications
the book contains certain points:-
the importance of study of history and mainly the concept of BC an AD
the civis part explains the childern about  how to behave in the neighbour and
also explians the students the process of elections how it takes place

buzzword isce board for english language

this book is for english language for class 4-icse board
it is a main course book for communicative activity for students which also contains a cd consist of games activites and puzzle
the coursebook consist of certain topics and things which should develop in the students
the book has some topics on each lesson or prose and poetry  and they are:-

  1. an introduction
  2. a readind text
  3. on-page glossary 
  4. reading
  5. grammar in communication
  6. words in communication
  7. pronunciation
  8. listening
  9. writing

new primary integrated science for std 3-icse board

voyage geography for std 6-icse board

vitan(hindi-6)icse board

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